Linda R. – Sacramento

“Wanted you to know that the City passed the landscape renovation – with flying colors! Will give me the maximum allowable rebate for the area renovated! For every question asked about the irrigation system I was able to answer yes, yes, yes, yes, of course, and yes – which they could verify.

The inspector was really pleased with the plant selection and, most of all, he was really, really impressed with the recycled concrete stepping stones and decorative walls! (Asked if those were pre-existing.)

Great job, team!! You guys are awesome. And if you ever need a recommendation, feel free to use my name! And have people drive by the house and take a look. I’m pleased every time I turn down my street and see the front yard. And I so love the walkway leading into the paved front porch. Don’t know how in the world we got by without such a walkway for the last 30+ years.”

Bryan – Rocklin

“We returned home and saw your handiwork.  Thank you ever so much.  The magnolia has multiple blooms on it right now.  We ordered two more lavenders and that will be our project for this weekend. Once again, thank you so much for all you have done.  We love our spa and the surrounding areas.”

Dan – El Dorado Hills

“We love our yard.  With the raised sitting areas, the Bocce Court, the covered patio with fire place and the beautifully stained concrete. Coming home after a long day at work it invites relaxation. We utilize it so much as an outdoor space that is truly part of our home.”

Ginger – El Sobrante

“We would never have believed we would have such usable space in our backyard.  With the house backed up to the hill, we just can’t believe the end result.  With the retaining walls, sitting walls, lighted steps it has given us at least 2,200 Sq/Ft additional space.  The veggie boxes are awesome and we love the pavers.  Thank you for all your hard work.”

Satya – Fair Oaks

“Well this is our second round of landscaping and we are just as happy as the first time.  With some of the complex elevation changes the design fixed the drainage issues and it looks much more inviting.  We were pleased to hear you will be starting our son’s landscape.  Thank you for all your hard work.”