Water Features

Water Features

Water Walls, Pond/Pond-less Waterfalls

Water features are no longer problem areas. Not many elements transform a landscape or courtyard like a water feature. Whether it’s a dramatic rock waterfall spilling into a Koi pond, a sheer decent water wall, a group of spires, a simple basalt fountain, or a quiet pond, water works it’s magic on any yard by providing a focal point and is very soothing to the soul.

Moving water provides background music and masks traffic and other noises. Imagine reading a book outdoors with the tranquility of a water feature. When you think of adding a water feature to your outdoor living space you have many choices.

Landscapes By Rhodes can design & build a custom water feature that is right for you and within your budget meeting your unique requirements.

Pools & Spas

Your landscape design must include all the elements for good flow and enjoyable living, creating your backyard paradise. Most pools & spas live within the landscape and are a main focal point. When incorporating pools together with new, existing and or renovated landscaping our strong design knowledge shines. The pool and spa create an outdoor resort at home. Tying your pool & spa together with an outdoor kitchen or outdoor fireplace have become elegant extensions of your entertaining spaces.

The shimmering water and reflective light help you unwind and relax; pool exercise keeps you and your family healthy; enjoying pool parties, barbeques and staying cool while increasing the value of your home are just some of the benefits you will realize.

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