Patio Covers, Sun Rooms & Sun Screens

Patio Covers

Landscapes By Rhodes provides quality design & construction of lattice, solid and combination patio covers in DuraWood, Alumiwood, Redwood or specialty woods.

Maintenance of aluminum covers is non-existent compared to true wood covers but the look, feel and style are very different.

The lattice cover provides filtered shade and natural light cutting the amount of direct sunlight into the home while the solid cover lowers the heat and light into the home and protects from the elements all year round providing much more usable outdoor living space. A combination of lattice and solid covers make a good choice allowing utilization of the areas in all weather conditions providing protection from the elements while allowing sunlight through in the winter months.

  • Post size
  • Cross beam and rafter size
  • Joinery techniques (decorative pegs, notched or interlocking beams)
  • Overhead pattern and complexity
  • Finishing touches (decorative end beam cuts)
  • Wood textures, durawood, alumi wood, color and finish
  • Decorative metalwork
  • Overhead fans and accent lighting or combinations fans with lighting

Project Images