Decorative Concrete


Outdoor Elements

Patios, Driveways, Paths & Walkways, Stairs & Steps, Countertops, Pool Decks, Seat Walls & Fountains, and more.

Finish Types

Hard Trowel, Broom, Salt, Aggregate, Stamped, Engraved, Stained and Sealed.


Integral color factory mixed in the concrete at pour, color hardener that is troweled in prior to stamping, release colors that are applied in liquid or powder form prior to stamping different patterns and then after pour stains and dyes in acid and or water based forms.


Concrete sealers are protective coatings that protect color & finishes in water and lacquer based forms. Our products meet all California environmental standards.

Walkways & Paths

Walkways & Pathways take you from one area to another in your outdoor living space. The landscape design brings together the style and material that will connect the paths or walkways to each landscape element or area in the yard. Landscape materials can be composed of both concrete, natural stone, flagstone, pavers, decomposed granite (DG), brick, ground covers and much more.


Project Images